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Helen Christopher

Helen is a former elementary teacher turned hospitable host and wedding venue owner in Upstate New York. In 2021, she bought a former girls summer camp called Brookledge which offers guests 60 acres of cabins, glamping tents and event space. As the owner, she helps guests reconnect with nature and disconnect from their hectic lives. Helen has been featured in the Times Union, Ramble & Roam blog, and various podcasts. Helen is a contributing author in the best-selling book Hospitable Hosts 2 and a co-host on the podcast Wed & Bed. She lives with her family and two dogs in what was once the nurse’s office at Brookledge and enjoys camp life everyday.

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Oh yeah...our mischievous little mascot

Have you met fred?

So we have an unofficial mascot here at Brookledge - a fiesty little red squirrel who has decided on his own that Brookledge is home.

In the summer of 2021, we had a lovely family celebrating a reunion. As the family was enjoying their yummy food, a mischievous red squirrel decided he wanted to join as well. With his audacious spirit he squirreled right up the picnic table and perched himself on the bench. In a swift and stealthy move, he stole a piece of cupcake and ran off leaving the guests amused. As the day progressed, we noticed something peculiar, our cornhole bags were being chewed. We soon discovered that this little red squirrel was chewing the bags and stealing corn! We would see him and yell “No, Fred!” He would look at us and take something anyway.

We’ve grown to love this rascally little creature and his playful antics. Fred has even made his way into our logo! Guests love to see Fred go about his day. If you stay here, you may spot him trying to get your snacks or maybe just some of your attention. We hope you enjoy spotting Fred for as long as he decides to hang around. 🙂

Hey there nature lover! Interested in hosting your wedding or another special event with us? Let’s chat! Visit the contact page to send us a note. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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